Laura Jaye, a Colorado native, is a lover of cats, things unseen, energy work, and spiritual growth. Her creative pursuits started with drawing and sculpture. As a teenager, she found a love for painting and started photographing seriously. She changed from painting to photography in college. She currently creates jewelry, works with textiles, and bead embroidery. 

Her drawing explorations are motivated by the exploration of the subconscious using an 'automatic' drawing process along with metaphorical expression of the human experience. Having grown up with a heavy load of trauma, drawing was used as a therapeutic process to express that which could not be expressed verbally. 

Using the combination of drawing and various photographic processes, Laura enjoys thinking about layers of meaning, an expression that can be found through the creative process. Whether it's an exploration of something interesting or beautiful or a deeper look at the hidden and metaphorical meanings found in art, Laura believes there is much that can be communicated through visual language.

To hear Laura's personal story of overcoming trauma, please visit The FemiNinja Project.